Wave to Me

I received my invite this morning. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to get it until I searched #Googlewave on Twitter and saw people are asking to buy/sell invites. I got mine possibly because I mentioned I blog about the Internet at http://rosieknows.com/blog.aspx in the application to get on the Wave wait list.

Although many many people are already using Google Wave, no one I know has it so I feel like I’m the first to arrive at a party. I can follow public waves  but that’s not the same as creating my own Wave. Right now, it reminds me of AOL chat rooms in the late 80s: We’re here; now what’ll we do?

I’ve already used up my eight invites to Google Wave, but only one of those people has received theirs. Fortunately, it’s a client so for the time being I’ll use Wave as a work tool, not for personal communication. I sent my client a couple of screen shots of web pages and made comments right below the images. I could also have added video–not a link, but an actual video player on the same page as my text.  If I had a hobby like knitting I could see it as a learning tool. And there’s the sudoku Waves.

It’s conceivable that email, which is already rumored to be on its way out, will be replaced by Google Wave.  Right now, it seems too complicated for a mass roll-out. Help guides are popping up all over, though. When I first started communicating computer-to-computer, I had to use a modem, and I never quite got the hang of it. Luckily, AOL came to the rescue and I didn’t have to. So Google Wave will get easier and there will be similar formats and, yes, I can foresee the day when you’ll Wave to me on the Internet.

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