Lincoln Village Shopping Center Revisited

Thanks to contributor Chris for pointing me in the direction of these classic Lincoln Village images. They can be found on the Andrew Dunham’s blog , which is a treasure trove of mostly Skokie photographs dated 1970-75, photographer unknown.




Bain Hardware on the left-hand side was an early tenant; they are listed in a June 21, 1956, Chicago Tribune ad for Pittsburgh Paints.



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2 Responses to Lincoln Village Shopping Center Revisited

  1. Arnie Weinger November 1, 2016 at 11:30 pm #

    My mother, grandmother, sister and I walked to Lincoln Village during its grand opening in 1952. We won a very neat set of wooden tables. I was thrilled to meet little Oscar and get a wiener whistle and see the Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile. My family food shopped at Sure Save or at Kroger which was next to Sure Save. I remember Bains Hardware, Howard Juvenile, and Eric Salm. I still went to Eric Salm for clothes well into the 80’s. We got haircuts at the Village Barbershop and ate out at the Village Grill. We all bought records at the Village record store and they even let us listen to them before buying. My grandmother worked at Kresge’s so it was a real treat to visit her at work. I miss the old “Village”

  2. Frances Archer November 5, 2016 at 9:07 am #

    Arnie, it’s interesting to hear of all the stores that were at Lincoln Village in the opening. I miss it too — it was an attractively laid out outdoor mall.

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