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Hibbard centennial

Hibbard School Celebrates 100 Years

All Hibbard alumni are welcome to come back to their roots and remember golden times. A short program will feature alumni remembrances and a musical performance by a group of Hibbard students. The building will be open for tours and connecting with old friends. Stories, laughter and cherished memories guaranteed. If you wish to make […]

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My blog had a baby

I’m thrilled to announce the much delayed arrival of my new blog, Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium Remembered. The poor child is not quite standing on its own feet yet, but eventually I hope to report on the history, the built environment and the people who passed through this important public health facility. The posts I […]

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Goodbye to a friend

I met Marshall Rosenthal about two years ago. While I immediately learned he was a great source for information on Chicago past and present, I didn’t get a chance to know him well enough. I never knew the details of his storied career in Chicago journalism until I read his obituary earlier this week.

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2010 in Review

I’m running a little behind on my year-end review, but what’s a few weeks when most my posts cover a Chicago neighborhood during the fifties and sixties? At least I’ve got some new photos to go with the most popular subjects of the past year.

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