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Hibbard centennial

Hibbard School Celebrates 100 Years

All Hibbard alumni are welcome to come back to their roots and remember golden times. A short program will feature alumni remembrances and a musical performance by a group of Hibbard students. The building will be open for tours and connecting with old friends. Stories, laughter and cherished memories guaranteed. If you wish to make […]

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My blog had a baby

I’m thrilled to announce the much delayed arrival of my new blog, Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium Remembered. The poor child is not quite standing on its own feet yet, but eventually I hope to report on the history, the built environment and the people who passed through this important public health facility. The posts I […]

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Cubs Heaven

The ivy is from Wrigley Field. So are the box seats. Ditto the dugout bench. Ditto the sod. Ditto the pavers. It doesn’t get more real, unless you’re actually at Wrigley Field. But I wasn’t. I was on a walking tour of the Bohemian National Cemetery. When you’re walking past rows of monuments in sombre grays and […]

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What we remember

As regular readers of this blog know, I grew up in Chicago on North Central Park Avenue across from the grounds of the Municipal TB Sanitarium. Entirely hidden by a border of towering trees and overgrown shrubs, the TB Sanitarium was such a mysterious place I barely noticed the other large, fenced-in parcel of land in the neighborhood. The signs on […]

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Forbidden Places–Epilogue

As mentioned earlier, I uncovered the history of Chicago’s Municipal TB Sanitarium but learned little about the purpose it served. Guest blogger Dr. Gilberto Gonzalez, a retired general surgeon, offered to fill in the blanks for me. Dr. Gonzalez trained at Mercy Hospital in Chicago for three years, the Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium for one year (1961-62) and […]

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Forbidden Places–Part Three

More than the sight of my old house, this takes me back. The corner of Peterson and Central Park avenues, the unused service entrance to the sanitarium. That white square sign hanging on the left-hand side of the gate? Directions to the main entrance, I’m sure of it.  A corner of the guard house, pictured in my first post […]

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Forbidden Places–Part Two

The Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium on Chicago’s far north side once was a place that frightened neighborhood children and once was a place of misery, as a physician wrote in a comment to my earlier post. Today, it’s a very accessible, much-treasured public resource serving many people and many purposes. Most of the original buildings were demolished, but […]

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