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Goodbye to a Neighborhood Landmark

WTTW has posted a video segment about Bill Tong and his family, who owned Hollywood Park’s long-lived Chinese restaurant Tong’s Tea Garden, located at 3411 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue. Bill’s mother still lives in the apartment above the restaurant, where Bill and his sister, Dolly, grew up. They no longer own the restaurant, now called Hunan […]

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Can you smell the salami?

Before big supermarket chains took over, stores in my neighborhood specialized in one thing. On Bryn Mawr Avenue, our main commercial strip, for example, there was an egg store, a fruit and vegetable store, two fish stores and three Kosher butcher shops. (See my Bryn Mawr Hall of Fame for a complete listing.) Most Bryn Mawr Avenue shops, […]

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Lenore Whalen

Long lost friends

This blog has helped several people find long lost friends. It has even helped long lost cousins find each other. It’s especially helped me make a lot of new friends. All of which I’m very thankful for. Now, I’d like to help one of the many people I’ve met through this blog find her long […]

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Spreading the love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to read and comment on my blogposts. What makes blogging such an enjoyable activity is hearing from people who share my passion for Chicago and its past. After this sweet day of indulgence, I’ll be getting back to business. I’ve got another Chicago book giveaway […]

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My Blog’s Birthday

I didn’t decide then and there to spend the next year researching the history of Hollywood Park, the North Side neighborhood where I grew up during the 1960s, but week by week I got in deeper and deeper. Between what I hadn’t understood as a child and what I never knew, there’s a lot to […]

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Girl on a Chicago Porch

This is young Florence Gantwerker, who was Mrs. Saper to me when I lived on North Central Park Avenue back in the sixties and early seventies. If you read my recent post you’ll know she was undoubtably photographed in Chicago–the back porch gives it away. You may also recognize the left-hand edge of the National sign over a […]

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