Chicago Book Reviews

By Chicagoans/About Chicago


I define Chicago books pretty loosely.  I review books by authors who live or have lived in Chicago or who have written about the city or who are friends.  Most, but not all, books I review were sent to me by the publisher.


The Beat Cop’s Guide to Chicago Eats

The Chicago River: A Natural and Unnatural History

County: Life, Death, and Politics at Chicago’s Public Hospital

The Division Street Princess

Good Old Neon: Signs You’re In Chicago

Edgar Miller and the Handmade Home

Forty Minutes of Hell: The Extraordinary Life of Nolan Richardson

Graveyards of Chicago

Historic Bars of Chicago

The Irish Way: Becoming American in the Multiethnic City

 Jewish Jocks: An unorthodox hall of fame

The Lost Panoramas: When Chicago Changed Its River and the Land Beyond 

You Were Never in Chicago


Albany Park

The Icon Thief

Hollywood Park

The Middlesteins


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