Where I Grew Up: the Hollywood Park Neighborhood on Chicago’s Far North Side



That’s me in the photograph below, with my mother and my younger sister. It was 1963, the year we moved into our perfect house on one of the loveliest streets in Chicago, North Central Park Avenue  in Hollywood Park.


I’ve been researching the neighborhood’s history–trying to uncover what made those 35 square blocks so idyllic, so different from the older neighborhoods to the south and the then brand-spanking-new suburbs to the north–and in the process I’ve uncovered some wonderful stories I’d like to share with you. Many were contributed by former residents of the area, so  feel free to join in and share your memories of Hollywood Park, nearby Peterson Park, North Park or Albany Park.

You can leave a comment to individual posts or email me using the contact form. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Bryn Mawr Avenue

Neighborhood Life and People

School Days

Hollywood Park (Chicago Park District land)

North Park

Oscar Brotman’s Hollywood Park Venues

The Image of a Chicago Neighborhood — how landscape shaped our memories (after Kevin Lynch’s The Image of the City)

Photographs of a Chicago landmark in Hollywood Park and other buildings

How this blog got started

My Blog’s Birthday

North Park/Hollywood Park Photographs on Flickr      Great photographs of the neighborhood by Eliezer Appleton

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