Forbidden Places–Part One

A seemingly endless stretch of wilderness faced the house I grew up in on Chicago’s far north side. Dense stands of old-growth trees stood guard around its perimeter. Looking west from our front door, all I could see beyond the green chain-link fence was grass, trees and a tall dark tower. As we know from […]

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Proustian Moments in Chicago Hot Dog Stands

Over winter break one day we stopped at Little Louie’s in Northbrook. I told my husband we should eat lunch there because our nine-year-old daughter could have something she likes and we could have something healthier. We ordered a hot dog and fries for our daughter and chicken and avocado wraps for ourselves. After we  finished the wraps, […]

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My blog niche is drifting. It’s headed towards Chicago and, more often than not, Chicago as it’s remembered. Not only in my memories, but in the memories of others as well. My blog posts may, however, still fit the niche I carved — life, work and the Internet.  The Internet is increasingly where we find memories. It’s where we find […]

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Meet the Candidate

Today is the official opening of campaign season in Illinois and my friend, Bonnie Carol McGrath, is running for Cook County circuit court judge. Since I didn’t know judges were elected–I thought they were always appointed–I decided to interview Bonnie to learn about the process. It turns out judges do campaign, even on “L” platforms. There’s a reason […]

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Chasing Away New Technology

We’re on the Internet to find old friends and make new ones who share our interests: books, writing, cooking, crafts, work, politics, humor, parenting, travel. The merging of  traditional content and new formats feels seamless. Except when it doesn’t. At certain times, and winter break is one of those times, being on the Internet is at odds with life. […]

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And You Won't Have to Buy a Thing

  Can you imagine a  blog without a year-end list?  Mine is my favorite website discoveries.  They’ve served me well through a year of loss and change. They seem like the kind of sites that will be around for a while.  Best of all, they’re all free. I’ve divided the list into three categories covering major types of […]

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Three into Four(Square) Doesn't Go

The latest trend in social media is Foursquare, a website that helps people turn their virtual connections into real ones.  You can do this on your own. I do, once a month, when I have lunch with  Elaine Soloway and Bonnie McGrath. I met Elaine hanging out at Danny Miller’s blog in the comments aisle, which usually […]

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