Blog subscription test repeated

You’re receiving this test because you’ve subscribed to the blog about my old neighborhood, Hollywood Park, and the surrounding neighborhoods from Albany Park to Peterson Park. Last week I sent out a test to see if the new service for blog subscriptions was working. It wasn’t, so I’m trying this again. In the past I […]

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River Park field house

Blog subscription test

  I wish I had a story to post this week, but haven’t had a chance to revisit the past for a while. Modern technology, however, is requiring me to send this test post out because I’ve switched to a different program to distribute the Me & My Shadow blogposts to subscribers. (If  you are […]

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Book review: There Used to Be a Synagogue Here

If you grew up Jewish in Chicago and are of a certain age, say, 50 or older, there’s a good chance the synagogue where you went to Hebrew School has moved to a new location or no longer exists. Either way, buildings were left behind in neighborhoods that no longer have a Jewish population.

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