Chicago area waterway

Take Me to the River

I’ve always associated the city with a single body of water, the lake; these two books reminded me a river runs through it.

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Manny Weincord

A heart as big as Albany Park

Manny Weincord shares memories of Albany Park — as a kid and as a high school basketball coach.

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St Johannes Cemetery

Haunted or not, Graveyards of Chicago Well Worth Exploring

The next best thing to actually visiting a cemetery is browsing through the recently published book, Graveyards of Chicago, by Matt Hucke and Ursula Bielski.

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Cooper & Cooper

Von Steuben and Roosevelt Reunion Night at Max and Benny’s

In case you’ve missed the email that’s been circulating about this event, here are the details. Von Steuben and Roosevelt High School grads are invited to Max and Benny’s Restaurant, 461 Waukegan Road in Northbrook, on Monday evening, September 30, for an evening of fun and reconnection with friends. The event starts at 5:00 p.m. […]

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Independence Blvd Chicago

Fluky’s was around here somewhere

To understand the North Side neighborhood where I grew up, I realized I had to learn about the West Side. Because before there was a Fluky’s hot dog stand on Western, there was a Fluky’s hot dog stand somewhere in Lawndale.

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WW2 vet housing

Returning WWII Vets Found Temporary Homes in North Park

The temporary housing site began just behind where the Foster Avenue bus turnaround is currently located. Carl recalls the accommodations were far from comfortable–community showers and toilets and chamber pots for nights when it was too cold to run outdoors.

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Blog subscription test repeated

You’re receiving this test because you’ve subscribed to the blog about my old neighborhood, Hollywood Park, and the surrounding neighborhoods from Albany Park to Peterson Park. Last week I sent out a test to see if the new service for blog subscriptions was working. It wasn’t, so I’m trying this again. In the past I […]

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River Park field house

Blog subscription test

  I wish I had a story to post this week, but haven’t had a chance to revisit the past for a while. Modern technology, however, is requiring me to send this test post out because I’ve switched to a different program to distribute the Me & My Shadow blogposts to subscribers. (If  you are […]

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The Purity Delicatessen of Albany Park

The title of this blogpost includes the words Albany Park because, apparently, there were, at one time, two Purity Restaurants in Chicago. There was the one on Lawrence Avenue, pictured above and, you may not have known, there was a second restaurant with the same name at Van Buren and Halsted streets.

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Book review: There Used to Be a Synagogue Here

If you grew up Jewish in Chicago and are of a certain age, say, 50 or older, there’s a good chance the synagogue where you went to Hebrew School has moved to a new location or no longer exists. Either way, buildings were left behind in neighborhoods that no longer have a Jewish population.

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