Stars Motel sign

Book Review: Good Old Neon

While the Hollywood Park neighborhood on the North Side didn’t offer much in the way of Culture when I was growing up, a few blocks over on Lincoln Avenue what may have been one of the largest and best collections of neon signs in Chicago was always on display.

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Maury Andes

A Legend Among Legends of Chicago Hot Dog Stands

Although so many of you have remembered Maury’s in your comments on this blog, the story and his photo were missing from these pages. No longer.

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Tower Cabana

Tower Cabana Revisited

This was the Tower Cabana, a year-round city country club on Peterson at Jersey on the North Side of Chicago, in its technicolor heyday. A vacation to Miami Beach without leaving Hollywood Park.

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Ravenswood L Terminal

Scenes from the End of the Line

It was a schlep to take the Kimball Avenue bus from Peterson to Lawrence and then the “L” to the Loop and back on what may have been the slowest route in the system, but the round-trip fare was less than a dollar and we had nothing but time.

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Chicago area waterway

Take Me to the River

I’ve always associated the city with a single body of water, the lake; these two books reminded me a river runs through it.

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Manny Weincord

A heart as big as Albany Park

Manny Weincord shares memories of Albany Park — as a kid and as a high school basketball coach.

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St Johannes Cemetery

Haunted or not, Graveyards of Chicago Well Worth Exploring

The next best thing to actually visiting a cemetery is browsing through the recently published book, Graveyards of Chicago, by Matt Hucke and Ursula Bielski.

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Cooper & Cooper

Von Steuben and Roosevelt Reunion Night at Max and Benny’s

In case you’ve missed the email that’s been circulating about this event, here are the details. Von Steuben and Roosevelt High School grads are invited to Max and Benny’s Restaurant, 461 Waukegan Road in Northbrook, on Monday evening, September 30, for an evening of fun and reconnection with friends. The event starts at 5:00 p.m. […]

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Independence Blvd Chicago

Fluky’s was around here somewhere

To understand the North Side neighborhood where I grew up, I realized I had to learn about the West Side. Because before there was a Fluky’s hot dog stand on Western, there was a Fluky’s hot dog stand somewhere in Lawndale.

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WW2 vet housing

Returning WWII Vets Found Temporary Homes in North Park

The temporary housing site began just behind where the Foster Avenue bus turnaround is currently located. Carl recalls the accommodations were far from comfortable–community showers and toilets and chamber pots for nights when it was too cold to run outdoors.

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