Hibbard centennial

Hibbard School Celebrates 100 Years

All Hibbard alumni are welcome to come back to their roots and remember golden times. A short program will feature alumni remembrances and a musical performance by a group of Hibbard students. The building will be open for tours and connecting with old friends. Stories, laughter and cherished memories guaranteed. If you wish to make […]

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Roosvelt Jovens

Where are they now — the Roosevelt Jovens

Top row left to right: Mike Minsky, Elliot Kalina, Jerry Lazar, Lenny Nachbin, Marty Hordetsky, Kenny Keer, Larry Beck, Al Goodman, Shelly Chaplik. Middle row: Gary Silverman, Woody Wallace, Al Levy, Richie Feldman, Gary Morgan, Stu Fishman, Paul schrager, Gene Jackson. Bottom row: Al sperling, Arnie Bernard, Mike Lowy, Jerry Handel, Herb Singer, Albie Wagner […]

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Can you smell the salami?

Before big supermarket chains took over, stores in my neighborhood specialized in one thing. On Bryn Mawr Avenue, our main commercial strip, for example, there was an egg store, a fruit and vegetable store, two fish stores and three Kosher butcher shops. (See my Bryn Mawr Hall of Fame for a complete listing.) Most Bryn Mawr Avenue shops, […]

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A Centennial Commemoration of the Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium

One hundred years ago, in March 1915, the city of Chicago opened its first public tuberculosis sanitarium on a 160-acre site bound by Bryn Mawr, Pulaski, Peterson and Central Park avenues.  The 650-bed, 32-building facility was founded to provide treatment and long-term care at no cost to patients suffering from this highly infectious and  sometimes fatal […]

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