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A Chicago Neighborhood Commercial District

On Bryn Mawr Avenue, between Kedzie and Bernard, there were 4 gas stations, 4 newsstands, 3 barbershops, 3 drugstores, 2 hot dog stands and 2 college bookstores, to name just a few of the businesses I remember from the early sixties. All these businesses, spread across just four city blocks. As one friend commented,

“It’s amazing that in a small stretch from Kedzie to Kimball there were so many duplicate businesses, but everyone made a living.”

With the help of contributors, I’ve compiled a list of the mostly family-owned business, community organizations and public institutions located on this four-block stretch. I’ve included businesses along Kimball as well as Jersey / Kedzie  at the Bryn Mawr intersections. We share fond memories of these businesses and their owners, going back as far as the mid-thirties. Many business owners lived in the neighborhood and their children went to the local elementary school, Peterson.

The list includes stores dating back to the 1920s.  All but two businesses — both dry cleaners, for some reason — are no longer in business, or no longer located on Bryn Mawr.

Let me know if you remember a business and its owner, or if you have a correction or additional information. You can send the info to me using the Contact tab. I’m also interested in old photographs. Thanks.


  • Al Slae was the owner of women’s dress shop, not sure of the store name
  • American Legion Hollywood Park Post 982, 3218 1/2 W.  Bryn Mawr, (1946) First commander was Max Kanarish.
  • Ann Kaplan’s Dresses, 3309 Bryn Mawr, second floor (above the Bryn Mawr Fair hardware store). Ann Kaplan was Ed Cohen’s grandmother.
  • Anthony and Justin’s (beauty shop on west side of Kedzie across from Lerner’s)
  • Batiste Coiffures, 3251 W. Bryn Mawr


  • Beck’s Book Store, 3405 W. Bryn Mawr. This was the second store in the Beck’s college bookstore chain, owned by Robert and Nadine Beck. They closed storefront in 1988 and took over operations of the Follett’s bookstore located at Northeastern. Although the family had no direct ties with the neighborhood, the store has been part of Hollywood Park since 1961.


  • Ben’s Fruit and Vegetable, 3344 Bryn Mawr. Later moved to 3340 1/2 Bryn Mawr. (circa 1968)
  • Belmont Manufacturing and Supply. East of Martin’s. They bought, sold and shipped picture frames. Owned by the Nathans.
  • Bill and Bob Kosher Meat Market, 3253 1/2 Bryn Mawr. “Pickled meats our specialty”
  • Biltmore Dry Cleaners, 3216 W. Bryn Mawr. Still open, since at least the late 1940s.
  • Bob-O’s, on Bryn Mawr east of Spaulding. Late ’60s. Pinball machine.
  • Bob’s Pretty Girl Beauty Shop, between Davis Cleaners and the card shop. See Hollywood Beauty Salon below. Same place.


  • Bon-Shar Style Shop (Sadowsky family), 3311 Bryn Mawr.  “Smart Fashions for Women” Store was named for the owner’s daughters, Bonita and Sharon, who attended Peterson School.
  • Braverman’s Drug Store (1930s era); became Sandler’s which was around during the 1960s.
  • Bryn Mawr Bakery, directly across from Peterson School and owned by Elmer (Al) and Jenny Glieberman. Their children —  Herbert, Barbara and Cary — helped out in the bakery, and Cary attended Peterson School in the ’50s and his friends often enjoyed free samples of brownies or apple slices.

Letter about double parking hazards on Bryn Mawr, Chicago Tribune, Sept 25, 1949

  • Bryn Mawr Curtain Cleaners, 3214 Bryn Mawr, owned by Daniel Salmen, Jr.,
  • Bryn Mawr Fair & Hardware Store, 3309 W. Bryn Mawr, owned by Maury Munson; his son Arnold attended Peterson Elementary School.
  • Bryn Mawr & Kedzie Lunch Room, 5558 N. Kedzie
  • Bryn Mawr Foods, Morrie Gerskowitz, owner.
  • Bryn Mawr Kimball Service Station, 5600 N. Kimball
  • Bryn Mawr Kosher Meat Market, 3305 W. Bryn Mawr
  • Bryn Mawr Restaurant, 3256 W. Bryn Mawr
  • Bryn Mawr Tap
  • Brynwood Restaurant, 3218-3220 Bryn Mawr, “Food at its Best.”  Specialized in barbecue and “8-course dinners.”   Also served matzo ball soup. Owned by Bill Kaplan. Daughters Sharon and Judy Kaplan attended Peterson School.
  • Camelot Day Care Center, 3336 Bryn Mawr
  • Capitol Beauty Supply, around 3244 Bryn Mawr
  • Caren Realty
  • Carlstedt’s Fish Market (1930s era)
  • Certified Grocery Store (owned by Morrie Gerskowitz, formerly Jewel Foods)
  • Charlie’s Kosher Meat Market
  • Charlotte and Harry Robbin’s Dance Studio (possibly the same building later occupied by Miss Carol’s Dance Arts Studio)
  • Chicago Public Library branch (SW corner, Sawyer and Bryn Mawr)
  • Cliff’s Cozy Dairy Hut, 5606 N.  Kedzie, for milk, cream, butter, eggs, frozen foods and pastry, ice cream in bulk and sundaes, milk shakes and malteds. Name changed to Dave’s Dairy Hut around 1948-49. In 1962, Jay’s Milk Station was located at this address.
  • Community Bakery, owned by Arthur Gordon, father of Susie and twins Larry and Jerry. Susie was in Peterson class of 1953, the twins were in Peterson class of 1947. You could say that Bryn Mawr was home to the original Sara Lee cheesecake. Community Bakery was the first to bake cheesecakes for Charlie Lubin, who was the founder of Sara Lee and Art Gordon’s brother-in-law. Sara Lee was named for Charlie’s daughter, Sara Lee Lubin.
  • C.V.’s Snack Shop, 3401 W. Bryn Mawr (now called North Park Inn)
  • Dave’s Pharmacy (on Bryn Mawr, west of Kimball, 1930s era)
  • Dance Art Studios, 3344 W. Bryn Mawr (Miss Carol’s). Recitals held in the auditorium at Mather High School.
  • Victor David’s Men Store, next door to Factor shoe store. Owned by David Rosenberg, who bought the business from Harry Sussman’s widow.

Photo from the Davis Imperial Cleaners website

  • Davis Imperial Dry Cleaners, 3325 W. Bryn Mawr. Started in 1956 by Leona and Bernie Davis, now run by the third generation and known citywide.
  • Denbo’s Ice Cream(1930s era)
  • Denker’s grocery store, owned by the grandfather of Lester Davis, who attended Peterson (class of 1947)
  • Dong’s Chinese Hand Laundry (Jimmy and Susan Dong’s family)
  • Dutch Mill Candies, was there in the mid-1930s until early 1960s.  Part of a chain.
  • Edgebrook Dairy Store, 3227 Bryn Mawr  “Come in and meet Sam”
  • The Egg Store. Just eggs, cartons and cartons of eggs,  just west of Kedzie, south side of Bryn Mawr.
  • Elliott & Cramin Paints was owned by Morrie Elliott and Harry Cramin. They would each work a month and take off a month and three days together at the end of each month. Their building burned down around 1972.
  • Faberson Signs, owned by Al Faberson. On south side of Bryn Mawr between Kedzie and Sawyer. Al Faberson made signs for many local businesses and all signs for Congregation Shaare Tikvah. Also painted signs for Thillens Stadium on Devon Avenue.
  • Factor Shoes, originally owned by Irv Factor and his wife. Later owned by the Birnbaums, and Barry Birnbaum attended Peterson School.
  • Fan Fisheries
  • Feder’s  (or Fader’s) Grocery, east of Spaulding, north side of Bryn Mawr. More of a deli than a grocery. Great corned beef made by Mrs. Feder herself.  Possibly took over same  location as Petcher’s Grocery, which was around in the late ’30s.
  • Follett’s northside Bookstore, 3417  Bryn Mawr (circa 1974 relocated at Northeastern Ill. Univ. The storefront became a sporting goods store.)
  • Dr. Paul Gechman, 3234 Bryn Mawr, dentist
  • Gillis family newstand, NE corner of Spaulding and Bryn Mawr. The owners’ children include Lois,  Benji (Von Class of ’63) and Artie (’64).
  • Gil’s Drugs, 3400 block of Bryn Mawr, next to Beck’s Books
  • Gladstein Upholstery, next door to Lex’s bicycle shop. Late 1950s, early 1960s.
  • Glick Fruit and Vegetable, on Bryn Mawr across from Peterson School. Owned by Charles Glick. His daughter, Barbara Glick Kalinsky went to Hibbard and Von. Barbara’s mother owned the popular Rochelle’s lunch spot across from Von.
  • Gold Medal Cleaners opened at 3340 Bryn Mawr  in 1927 by Max and Sam Fishman. Max had three sons — Jerry, Eddy and Herb. All attended Peterson and graduated fromVon: Jerry ’38; Eddy ’45 and Herb ’58. Sam had two daughters, Marsha and Hilde, who went to Peterson and graduated from Von. Gold Medal Cleaners is still in business, under fourth-generation management.
  • Golf store, don’t have the name. East of Tonya’s at the NE corner of Bryn Mawr and Spaulding. Pete Weiss was part-owner, his nephew is Howard Glantz.
  • Jack Golder’s Shoe Repair.
  • Hamilton’s School Supply Shop (we think this is the same location as Hollywood Card Shop)
  • Hank’s Bar, next to Sandler’s Drug Store. The owner had a dog named Duke.
  • Harry Sussman’s haberdashery (actual store name unknown) was located on the north side of Bryn Mawr a block or so east of Kimball. Martin Ruken (Von class of ’55) worked at Harry’s store during the summer months of ’54 and ’55 and he fondly remembers Harry as a real character with a great sense of humor. After Harry passed, his widow sold the business to David Rosenberg, who renamed the store Victor David.
  • Hedsky’s was a fruit store on Bryn Mawr, across from the newstand known as Max’s. It opened during the late fifties or early sixties. Harry Leventhal, who everyone called Hedsky, was the owner. His daughters are Roz Leventhal Hoffberg and Fran Leventhal Baim. They lived at 5632 N. Spaulding, another example of a local business owner who lived in the neighborhood.
  • Heinemann’s Bakery (1930s – ’40s era)
  • Henri’s Bar (owned by Henri and Millie Hagberg, 1960-70). Located on Kedzie across from Lerner’s.  Henri Hagberg came to America from Sweden at the age of 12, not speaking a word of English. He attended Peterson School and was in the first graduating class. At the time, the neighborhood was predominantly Swedish. His children, Alan “Guy” and Mary attended Peterson and Von.
  • Hollywood Beauty Salon (Bob’s), 3338 Bryn Mawr

  • Hollywood Bowl, 3346 Bryn Mawr. In the 1960s, the Hollywood Bowl was owned by Harry Block’s Aunt Helen and Uncle Joe Feinberg, later sold to Jessie and Jack Shear. Helen and Joe’s daughter, Eileen Feinberg Dalinka attended Peterson and Von. Before Helen and Joe owned the Hollywood Bowl, it was owned by Minnie and Max Cohen.  From 1949 to about 1951, it was owned by Al and Betty Steinberg. A cousin of the Steinbergs, Rochelle Frielich Goldman, attended Peterson School.  TheSteinbergs sold the Hollywood Bowl to Ruth and Bernie Brusin. The Brusins sold the business (not sure if she sold the Cohens or there was another owner after the Brusin’s) and opened a ladies’ clothing store further east on Bryn Mawr, near the former Chinese take-out, the Lee. Later, the Brusins opened a large clothing store and beauty shop in Morton Grove called the Brusins.
  • Hollywood Park Garage, 5639 N. Jersey
  • Hollywood Photo and Card Shop, 3315 Bryn Mawr
  • Hollywood Delicatessen, 3256 Bryn Mawr. “We specialize in assorted Lazy Susan trays” Owned by the Weingartner family. Daughter Phyllis Weingartner (or is it Winegarten?) attended Peterson School, class of 1967.
  • Hollywood Park Fellowship Club, 3247 Bryn Mawr. Formed by Max Kanarish and a number of his friends from the area. The men gathered there to visit and play cards. Gin rummy was the game of choice.
  • Hollywood Fisheries (Greene family), 3354 Bryn Mawr
  • Hollywood Hardware Store, 3241  Bryn Mawr
  • Hollywood Park Hardware, 3254 Bryn Mawr


  • Hollywood Park Laundrette, 3323 Bryn Mawr. Owned by Molly and Hyman Feldman, and sold to Eddy and Milly Serafin in the late 1960s, who owned it until it closed.
  • Hollywood Liquors (aka Little Henry’s), 3303 Bryn Mawr. This might be the same business as Hank’s.
  • Hollywood Park Drug Store, 3407 Bryn Mawr (same as Dave’s Pharmacy?  Also same address as Keren’s Pharmacy)
  • Hollywood Park Radio & TV and Record Shop, 3255 W. Bryn Mawr. Owned by the Levins, son Howard was in the class of ’66 at Von.
  • Hollywood Realty (owned by Max Michnick and Paul Ackerman) on the corner of Kedzie and Bryn Mawr, formerly at  3236 Bryn Mawr
  • Hollywood Smart Shop, 3250 Bryn Mawr. Owned by Mary Kanarish and her partner, Pauline Feldman. Opened post-WWII. Just east of Woolworth’s.
  • Hollywood Toys and Hobbies  (or Hollywood Toy Center), 3307 Bryn Mawr
  • Imperial Blue Print, 3250  Bryn Mawr
  • Irene’s Dress Shop, across the street from Bon-Shar
  • Irv’s Barber Shop, 5607 N. Kimball. Owner, Irv Olsen.  Previously Mitch’s toy shop? Also Oscar’s Barber Shop.
  • Ivar and Ann Lambert’s Swedish Deli, 5607 N. Kimball (1930s era)
  • Jack’s Kosher Butcher Shop, 3356 Bryn Mawr. I talked to Jack’s son, Fred Karb, who grew up in Albany Park and went to Von Steuben High School. He told his father owned the butcher shop for 50 years, from the late 1930s to the early 1980s, making it possibly one of the oldest shops on Bryn Mawr. Over the years he moved the shop to three locations, all on Bryn Mawr Avenue.
  • Jay’s Milk Station, 5606 N. Jersey, telephone: JU8-9258.  (from the 1962 White Pages)
  • Jerry’s Coiffures, 3338  Bryn Mawr
  • Jewel Foods, 3318 Bryn Mawr
  • Joseph’s Interiors, 3320  Bryn Mawr
  • Kay Brothers Grocerland
  • Keren’s Pharmacy, 3407 Bryn Mawr, owned by Nathan Keren.  “Prompt free delivery”
  • Kimball Barber Shop, southwest corner of Kimball and Bryn Mawr, same building as CV’s Snack Shop. The owner, Norman, was a Holocaust survivor. There was another Kimball Barber Shop in 1968 at 3344 Bryn Mawr (see the photo of Hollywood Bowl above). I’m guessing the barber shop was located first on Kimball, later moved to Bryn Mawr. Can anyone confirm?
  • Berne Jewelery, 3230 Bryn Mawr. (The Peterson School Press issue of 1968 shows shop’s address as 3312 W. Bryn Mawr.) Berne Klein was the owner; daughters Andrea (Taffy) and Janis Klein attended Peterson.


  • Lazar’s Meat Market, 3314 W. Bryn Mawr, owned by Charlie Lazar. I think this is the storefront east of the old Jewel. His niece is Sherry Herman Kaplan, and her family moved to 5511 N. Christiana in 1946.
  • Lazar’s Kosher Sausage Factory, 5511 N. Kedzie, owned by Sol Lazar, who lived in nearby Peterson Park. Relocated from Roosevelt Road in 1958.
  • The Lee, 3336 (and 3340?)  Bryn Mawr (Chinese restaurant operated by Peterson School alum Bill Tong’s family 1947-1956)
  • Leichtman’s Bakery (was this also the Pie Pantry?)





On July 30, 1972, inside Lerner’s Hot Dogs, from left to right: Sam Lerner, Seymour Lerner, Bobby Lerner (Sam Lerner’s son) Jay Lerner (Seymour Lerner’s son).

  • Lerner’s Hot Dogs, 5541 N. Kedzie. (Mark and Jay Lerner’s father) Not pictured was Grandmother Rose, who cooked her famous latkes and worked with them the entire time Lerner’s was in business. They originally opened in 1949 at 4848 N. Kedzie and moved up to 5541 N. Kedzie in 1953. At that time they had two stores next to each other. They sold hot dogs and hamburgers in one and chicken and ribs in the other. The hot dog stand did better business and they got tired of running back and forth between the two stores. In 1954 they gave up the chicken and rib store which became the Village Fishery, owned by the Zaretsky family. Lerner’s Red Hots was sold in October, 1972.
  • Less-on Drugs, on Kimball
  • Levin TV Repair (same as Hollywood Park Radio & TV)

The former Lev Someach building at Bryn Mawr and Bernard

  • Lev Someach Synagogue, relocated from the West Side
  • Lex’s Bike & Mowers, 3242 W. Bryn Mawr (owned by Marty Karbin’s father and uncle)
  • Lipman Kosher Butcher Shop, owned by Sidney Lipman. Son–Alan Lipman. During the late 1950s and early 60s, also owned by Sidney’s cousin, also named Sidney Lipman, whose sons Danny and Gary attended Peterson and Von. Nephew Marty Liebman attended Peterson and Von and is one of the partners who own the White Sox.
  • Martin’s Restaurant (Bryn Mawr and Spaulding)
  • Marty’s Slot Car Racing
  • Maury’s Service Station, 3426 Bryn Mawr
  • Max’s Newstand. Not sure if this is one of the stands already listed. I know that it was located on Bryn Mawr, near Hedsky’s fruit store and near a corner restaurant. More info if anyone has any recollections of where this was located.
  • Melin’s Cleaners
  • Milt and Morry Shell Gas Station (Arlene Silverman Andresen’s uncle). Also opened the Shell by Old Orchard shopping mall.
  • Mitchell’s, 5607 N. Kimball, toy/hobby shop, later Irv’s Barber Shop
  • Mr. Butler’s Grocery, west of the Hollywood Bowl, east of Greene’s  Fishery
  • Leo’s Newstand, Spaulding and Bryn Mawr — is this the Gillis family newstand? If not, that makes it five newstands in four blocks. You didn’t have to walk far to buy a newspaper in Hollywood Park.
  • Morris & Mary  Schreier Tailor Shop, 3311 W. Bryn Mawr. Their daughter Janet attended Von Steuben High School.
  • National Tea Co. grocery store, N.W. corner of Spaulding and Bryn Mawr
  • Nick’s Newstand, Kedzie and Bryn Mawr (Nick Haralampopulos, grandfather of current owners of Arcadia Drugstore, 3201 W. Bryn Mawr, at the same location). Rumor has it you could place a bet with Nick.  He also owned a liquor store at this corner. His son, Harry Harris,  attended Peterson and Von.
  • Newstand, Kimball and Bryn Mawr. The owners, Sam and Doris, lived in the neighborhood, on the 5600 block of North Christiana.  Doris was famous for her wildly patterned outfits and sunglasses.
  • New York Appetizer Store, 3251 1/2 W. Bryn Mawr “Complete Line of Smoked Fish”
  • Nordeen’s Grocery (1930s era), 3235 and/or 3237 Bryn Mawr (address needs confirmation). Owned by John Nordeen, a pioneering food dealer in the area. His wife was Anna Nordeen. Two sons, Harvey and Clifford.
  • North Park News Agency, across from Lerner’s, just south of Bryn Mawr on Kedzie. Handled home delivery of newspapers.
  • Oscar’s Barbershop, 5607 N. Kimball. Later became Irv’s Barbershop.
  • Mary Gage Peterson Elementary School, 5510 N. Christiana.
  • Petcher’s Grocery, late ’30s.
  • Pie Pantry (1972 only, located between Les-On Drugs and 7-Eleven)


  • Plotkin’s Pharmacy, 3334 Bryn Mawr. Owned by Irv and Bea Plotkin (Arlene Silverman Andresen’s aunt and uncle). The Plotkins lived in an apartment in the same building as the drug store. Not confirmed, but Irv may have had the building constructed for his business and residence.


    Terry Romanoff in front of Plotkin’s, circa 1956. She worked at the store, as did her son, Andy.


  • Plumpers, 3300 block, east of Camelot Day Care
  • Raggedy Ann supermarket, 3310 Bryn Mawr. Open during the 1950s.
  • Robert’s Flowers, 3321 Bryn Mawr
  • Red’s Barber Shop, 3239 Bryn Mawr. Telephone was: JUniper 8-9338. Haircuts used to cost $1.25
  • Sabin’s Coiffures, 3416 W. Bryn Mawr
  • Saks for Shoes, 3248 Bryn Mawr. “Expert X-ray Fitting”  (circa 1949)
  • Sandler’s Pharmacy, 3301 Bryn Mawr. Had a soda fountain. Formerly the location of Braverman’s Drug Store. Owned by Harry Sandler and Norm Rieger. According to 1962 phone directory, also owned Sandler’s Pharmacy at 7300 W. Rogers.
  • Scandia’s, Scandanavian deli. Next to the barber shop at 5607 N. Kimball.
  • Schafer’s Florists, Bryn Mawr at Kimball
  • 7-eleven, on Kimball
  • Sheri’s at 3407 Bryn Mawr. Famous for broasted chicken and ribs, Sheri’s was owned by Herb and Jackie Friedman and their children — Sheryl, Terri and Murray. Murray now owns Bannerman’s Sports Bar in Bartlett, IL, where they serve the famous broasted chicken.
  • Shoe repair, 5605 N. Kimball, during the ’50s and ’60s.
  • Sinclair gas station, Kimball and Bryn Mawr, was owned by the Steelman’s (father and son).
  • Somar’s Hot Dog Shop (became Whirly’s around 1959)  NEW LISTING!
  • Standard Oil/Amoco, Kedzie and Bryn Mawr (unverified by anyone else, but that’s what I remember)
  • Tonya’s Restaurant, NE corner Spaulding and Bryn Mawr. It was open during the late 1950s, no exact dates.
  • Texaco Gas Station, Bernard and Bryn Mawr, owned by Mr. Esposito


  • Tong’s Tea Garden, 3411 Bryn Mawr. Founded by Bill Tong’s grandfather in 1954, and run by his father Jerry T. Tong until 1984.  Shao Yang bought the business and renamed the restaurant Hunan Wok. If you’re on Facebook, Bill Tong has posted a pictoral history on this page.
  • Tots-n-Toddlers, 3352 Bryn Mawr. Children’s clothing store.
  • Tower of Pizza (Pisa?)

  • Uncle Dan’s Army Navy Surplus Store (Brent and Mark Weiss)
  • Village Fishery, owned by the Zaretsky family
  • Vince’s Barber Shop
  • Weiner’s Delicatessen (1930s era)
  • Whirly’s Hot Dogs, 5607 N. Kimball (Frank was the owner) (Previously Somar’s Hot Dog Shop, see above)

  • Woolworth’s

Acknowledgements: Thanks to the many, many former Hollywood Park residents who contributed to this list.

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