Albany Park Memories

LAWRENCE_AVEAlbany Park Cool  Andy Romanoff’s 1960 photograph of bikers on Lawrence

Albany Park: The Novel

Bob and Ikey’s Wedding Andy Romanoff tries to recall photographing an Albany Park wedding 50 years ago

Champions of Albany Park Albany Park Community Center Recognizes Deborah Boys Club Alumni Support

Everyone knew his name Ned Singer’s Sports was a Lawrence Avenue institution

A few things Wrapping the loose ends of blogging in 2011 (covers Albany Park and Hollywood Park)

A Heart as Big as Albany Park Manny Weincord shares his memories of growing up and working in Albany Park

Hot dogs and baseball: An Albany Park boyhood 1940s era memories of growing up in Albany Park

I Screamed, You Screamed, We All Screamed for Loree’s

A Legend Among Legends of Chicago Hot Dog Stands Maury’s

Major League memories: an Albany Park boyhood, part two A lifelong love of the Chicago Cubs got its start in Albany Park

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Nighthawks in Old Albany Park  Recollections of Lawrence Avenue

The Purity Delicatessen of Albany Park

Proustian Memories of Chicago Hot Dog Stands A lot of the country’s hot dog stands trace their roots to Albany Park

Scenes from the End of the Line The Ravenswood “L” Terminal and other historical photographs of Albany Park 

The Storyteller from Albany Park Syd Lieberman

This was how they rolled in Albany Park Motorcycle mystique in Albany Park

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Where are  they now?   The Roosevelt Jovens


This was Deborah Looking back at the Albany Park community center

This was Deborah, part 2 The history of the Deborah Boys Club and its famous photographer

This was Deborah, part 3 Photographs from the 2005 Deborah Boys Club reunion

Member number one of the Albany Park Deborah Boys Club


Social Athletic Clubs Directory  A listing of the clubs with members from Von Steuben, Roosevelt, Amundsen and Mather

A Funny Fellow Remembers Albany Park

Meet some Regular Fellas  This SAC dates back to the late 1950s, with members coming from Von Steuben, Roosevelt and Amundsen

Meet the Top Hats One of the SAC’s at Roosevelt

Lil Gents 1953


For Hibbard Elementary school alums:  check out this Hibbard group on facebook!


My Albany Park connection

I’m no expert on Albany Park. I never even lived there. So, why include Albany Park memories in a blog devoted to my life in Chicago?

Although we lived in Hollywood Park, part of the North Park community immediately north of Albany Park, much of my growing up during the 1960s–a wide range of formative experiences–took place within the boundaries of Albany Park.

Foster Avenue, then as now, was the clear-cut dividing line between Albany Park and North Park. At that time, however, it wasn’t so unusual to have a sense of dual citizenship in the two communities.

I’m not forgetting the differences between Albany Park and North Park during the 1960s, but I’m more interested in cross-connections. The same factors that gave me a sense of continuity between the communities may also have contributed to the area’s strength and relative well-being. Here are a few examples:

  • Elementary schools from both communities fed into the same secondary school, Von Steuben High School
  • One public library branch–Albany Park–served both communities. Its location on Foster, the fault line, made it more communal
  • Deborah Boys Club drew kids from Albany Park, North Park, Hollywood Park and Peterson Park
  • Max Strauss Jewish Community Center drew people from beyond Albany Park
  • A community action group, the  North River Commission, was founded in 1962 to represent interests of the participating communities and when necessary, “fight City Hall”
  • Many families had relatives on both sides of Foster Avenue

Join me in remembering this area, and share your stories of Albany Park.

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